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Change is Coming

December 05, 2016  •  1 Comment

Change is Coming


Thank you for watching my name is Kristin with Dawdy Imagery + Design.  Today I want to talk a little bit about photography pricing and services as well as the reasons you see such a wide range of pricing no matter where you live. 


First I want you to think about walking into an art gallery or a jewelry store.  Here you will find a wide range of pricing from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars and beyond.  People know the reasoning behind the pricing is because you are buying art and/or design.  I want you to keep this in mind when you are looking for a photographer.


We as photographers are not only artists/designers most of us are solo acts that have to juggle every aspect of running a small business from paperwork, advertising, marketing, consultations, equipment purchases as well as editing; just to name a few.


Now back to my previous example when you see a painting, ring, necklace, photo that truly speaks to you … we then look at the price and assess if we can live with ourselves if we spend this money.  I agree with this process (we all do it) but when searching for a photographer to capture your once in a lifetime memories; I also want you to realize that you get what you pay for.  I have been in the position where I couldn’t imagine paying hundreds upon thousands to a photographer, but these are the people that know how to get your memories exactly how you imagined them.


Lastly I want to cover a controversial issue between clients and photographers.  How many of you have booked a session that included the digital files from your photo shoot which you turn around and have printed at the nearest one-hour photo? Yes, we all have, I have done this in the past as well.  It has become a societal norm for the photography industry.  This is not how the platform should work and most photographers go under when selling their services in such a way. In the industry this is referred to as the Shoot & Burn model.


We as photographers are not only the one behind the camera and computer we specialize in finding the proper home décor, prints and providing professional, color matching printers throughout the industry. 


Dawdy Imagery + Design will be revamping the way we help our clients cherish their special memories.  With every photo shoot booked I will have an in-person  reveal appointment that will be scheduled within the following weeks of our session together.  During the reveal we will be able to discuss your home décor design options, photo gifting for friends/family and much more.


I am excited for this change and I hope you are as well!  Feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions and/or concerns you may have! 


Thank you again for watching I look forward to capturing your next memories!



Congrats on making the transition to Ips! I am doing it too next year. I really feel that it will benefit our clients more to have our expertise guide them to purchasing the highest quality products to showcase their images. wishing you all the luck!
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